Think you don’t have time? The English Dept can help!

Nicole Miller's "Brooke"  with matching lace edged veil.

Nicole Miller’s “Brooke” with matching lace edged veil.

Summer is heating up and if you’re planning a wedding this year you might be starting to feel the time crunch.  Most designer gowns can take a few months to get to you.  At The English Dept most of the dresses we carry take anywhere from three to five months for a regular order.  Don’t have that kind of time?  Don’t worry!!!  Almost all of our designers can accommodate a rush order when necessary!  We’ve compiled a list of some options and tips for brides who are short on time:

1.  Buying a dress “off the rack”.

At The English Dept. (and most boutiques) the dresses in the shop are samples for trying on before ordering.  We normally have just one sample gown for the styles we carry and the size and condition will vary.  When someone purchases the sample from the store it’s considered buying “off the rack” and can be a great option if you’re short on time or on a budget.  Samples are generally offered at a discounted rate dependent on the condition.

2.  Ordering the dress you love with a rush.

In some cases a rush order will add to the cost of the dress and you can expect the price to increase as the timeline drops.  That means you might be paying an extra $50 to have your dress ready say, two weeks faster than normal or $200+ and to have it made months faster.

3.  Selecting a style from a designer with ready to sell stock.

Certain designers keep a limited amount of stock available and ready to ship.  It’s a bit rare and the styles, sizes and amounts can vary, especially during busy times of year.

If there’s something you love but you’re concerned about time, we can help!  Plus don’t forget to check out our upcoming sample sale!

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