Fashion Show Tickets Giveaway!

Are you planning a wedding for 2012? If so, you’re probably just getting started putting those mood boards and Pinterest pages together. We’ve been hard at work planning our celebration, too–our 2012 fashion show! This season, we’re feeling a woodsy, romantic, barefoot-and-ringlets kind of vibe. Smoky quartz, misty hilltops, moss and twigs, tulle and lace. Part fairy princess, part wild child, our 2012 bride is a mysterious creature, fresh as the dawn but all grown up. We’re so excited for you to meet her. Brides, who’s your muse for 2012? What inspiration is guiding you toward your own wedding vision? Comment on this post, tell us what will be your inspiration for your 2012 wedding, and enter to win 2 free tickets to this Sunday’s fashion show! Winner will be revealed this coming Friday so, hurry!!

Pictured above: Love, Yu‘s “Gardenia”

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  1. My muse, my lovely muse for our wedding comes from a few places and experiences:

    – the feeling of first walking into Forest Park, alone, no one in sight, the leaves shining brilliantly where the sun peeks through the foliage, and smell of the dew drops collected on fallen tree trunks
    – the peonies in our front yard that bloom just after my birthday in the summer. Each delicate bloom have a glorious soft and light fragrance, with millions of folds an crinkles on the petals
    – walking barefoot on a thick rich green moss, and small flowers peeking through tickling toes
    – the taste of oranges while on a swing in the park
    – the suspense and surprise of seeing the swifts amass around the old smoke stack at Chapman park
    – his mother’s perfect English garden
    – the feeling of rowing on perfectly glassy water: it’s a sense of flying
    – seeing the giant contagious smiles of our families and loved ones.

    Our vision so far:
    – light dresses for myself and the ladies that we feel like we could run in, and won’t weigh us down
    – long locks with crowns of wee english roses instead of veils
    – flowers that are found in own yard (we haven’t decided to use our own peonies or not yet)
    – a ceremony at the base of forest park, in August, where we descend from the forest
    – a gift of citrus finishing salt that our international guests can take home — we realize not everyone has gardes or could handle seeds from our foxgloves
    – an easy, simple ceremony that is so precious to us without the “show”


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