Sample Sale!

It’s a fact of bridal fashion that every year new silhouettes are introduced, which means some must be retired to make room for the newbies. And, although we are very sad to see some of our ‘ladies’ be discontinued, this means good news for YOU! Why, you may ask? Well, here at The English Dept we now able to offer you our discontinued sample dresses at 50% off. Yes, they have been gently ‘loved’ in our shop for a season, but with a little TLC and a touch of your own personal style, one of these ladies could be the perfect dress for you.

JENNY YOO “TARA” sz. 16   flowers by ink and peat

JENNY YOO “THEA” sz. 6 sash sold separately



JENNY YOO “NORAH” sz. 8   sash sold separately

If any of these dresses have sparked your interest give us a call at 503.224.0724 for pricing information. Please note the pictured dresses are the only dresses available and may not be ordered in other sizes. Alternations may be necessary. 

Thanks to our lovely new store assistant, Julia, for being such a beautiful model!

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